M’over provides expert services to customers to help them improve their performance in total comfort and ergonomic efficiency.

Your ski equipment and boots are adjusted to your fit either by our pros on the slopes or our technicians in the workshop to give you a customised foot hold. And graduated compression technical socks mean our M’Over customers can enjoy entire days outdoors in total comfort and relaxation.

Ski Boot CLA is a measuring instrument that detects the shape of your shinbone by taking precise measurements of the angles of your lower limbs. So it is possible to adjust the canting of your ski boot using objective data and without making mistakes.

Adjust the canting. Improve your performance.

Correctly adjusting the canting of your ski boot helps keep your legs in the right position, gives you exceptional edge grip and an optimal posture: canting adjustment is therefore important not only in terms of speed performance but especially to prevent injuries and joint pain.

Because comfort has no limit and should be available to everyone, we are constantly striving to improve it and make it more accessible.

Sidas continues to innovate with a new foot warming range for perfect thermal comfort. An increasingly customisable liner, 3D insoles that provide even more stability and support, and warm socks designed to fit the shape of your foot perfectly. Ergonomic insoles help you to prevent or decrease foot, knee, heel and back pain. No more foot problems and maximum comfort.

With Sidas, you can treat yourself and treat others today!

BV Sport is the international benchmark in support/compression products for top level sport. Sportsmen and athletes confirm the benefit of using BV Sport during their daily training, recovery and feats. BOOSTER is the result of a specific manufacturing technique ensuring that the product adapts to strain and effort. Thanks to its SUPPORT effect (or APONEUROSIS), BOOSTER sofrzo reduces the vibrations and improves muscle contractility and tone